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Recycle That Christmas Tree!

After the holidays, don’t just kick your used Christmas tree to the curb. (Unless, of course, your curbside hauler offers recycling!) Natural Christmas trees are completely biodegradable, and can be easily recycled for mulch or other purposes. Read on for some conventional–and unconventional–tree recycling options, courtesy of the National Christmas Tree Association. A Chip Off the Old Block […]

Five Special Gifts for Gardeners

It’s going to be a long, cold winter for the gardeners in your life. Help them get through it with one of these special Christmas gifts. We’ve selected five that are sure to make them smile and look forward to spring with added enthusiasm! Raised Gardening Beds Raised beds have long been touted by amateur […]

“O Christmas Tree”… Cutting Your Own

Christmas tree

If you’re up for a little adventure this Christmas season, why not cut your own tree from the local forest?

Creating a Sustainable Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving can be fancy, but it need not be fussy…

Attracting Birds to Your Fall Garden

Every year billions of birds, representing nearly 300 species, migrate between North America and tropical regions to the south. It may well be the riskiest activity they undertake in their lives.

Flower Power: Orange You Glad?

Orange is one of autumn’s most prolific colors. Even in Wyoming (where the landscape is snowy white or prairie brown …

Five Essential Medicinal Herbs

You don’t have to be a skilled gardener or a trained pharmacist to reap the benefits of these … 

Vertical Gardens Are Looking Up

If your yard or garden area is short on space, consider a vertical garden.
Vertical gardens are a great way to grow and maintain a variety of plants wherever space is limited. By creatively employing fences and trellises, for instance, you can …

Use Texture to Increase Landscape’s Visual Appeal

Color may be the most popular element in landscape design, but don’t underestimate the aesthetic appeal that texture can bring to your landscaping. When landscapers speak of “texture” they are usually referring to visual texture–the size and shape of the plant and its foliage–as opposed to the tactile experience. Plant textures range from fine to medium […]

Color Theory 101: Flowers and Foliage


Color is a strong design element, attracting attention and guiding the human eye. When it comes to landscaping, colors can even be used to alter mood and perception. For instance, colors can evoke relaxation, make small spaces appear larger, highlight a particular area, and unify different areas of a landscape. The Color Spectrum The spectrum […]

Five More of the World’s Most Beautiful Historic Gardens

(This is the second of a two-part series about the world’s most beautiful historic gardens.) Let’s look at five more of the most beautiful gardens on the planet that have stood the test of time. Taj Mahal Gardens, Agra, India The famous Taj Mahal mausoleum took 22 years to construct. It was commissioned in 1631 by […]

Five of the World’s Most Beautiful Historic Gardens

Creating a beautiful and inviting garden is a timeless pursuit. Civilizations from around the world have been crafting gorgeous landscapes for thousands of years.

Tired of Mowing? Consider Ground Cover!

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional lawn, why not consider replacing some or all of your high-maintenance turf with a walkable carpet of ground cover?

The Call of the Wildflower

Who of us at one time or another has not envisioned transforming our chemical- and mower-dependent lawn into a carefree wildflower meadow? The fantasies can be hard to resist …

Back to the Stone Age: Rock Gardening Basics

If the idea of “rock gardening” conjures an image of a bleak, desolate spot with no living thing in sight, then think again. Modern rock gardens are places of rugged natural beauty, with a plethora of plantings and masses of vibrant color.