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The Colorful Winter Garden

If you’re tired of looking at nothing but barren trees and gray patches of snow in your yard each winter, we’ve got the solution…

For Everything There Is A Season May 1st- May 28th

May 1st– May 7th For everything there is a season and by the first week in May, most of the large amounts of snow are melting away.  The valley is beginning to green up and show signs of life.  Raven bird eggs are hatching while others are still incubating.  Pronghorn Antelope show up in Grand […]

For Everything There Is A Season March 13th- March 26th

March 13th– March 19th We have finally made it to the part of the season that we can call spring.  After being hunkered down inside for so long, the region is now bursting with life.  The willows and the Indian potato plant, two of the main indicators of spring, have just popped open their flowers […]

For Everything There Is A Season March 6th- March 12th

The second weekend in March is a beautiful time in the Greater Grand Teton-Yellowstone area. The sun has slowly begun to poke its head out of the typically stormy February. Depending on the weather, there will be more migratory birds coming back up to this area. Some of the migrants include: blackbirds, juncos, robins, European […]

For Everything There Is A Season Feb 27th- March 5th

Here is our monthly installment of For Everything There Is A Season.  At the end of February and into early March, the birds are alive with the warm temps of spring.  Even though with warm temperatures showing, there is still plenty of winter left in the Greater Yellowstone Area.  The landscape is still covered in […]

For Everything There Is A Season

  Here at TLC, one of our favorite books about our area is For Everything There Is a Season, written by Frank C. Craighead, Jr.  Dr. Frank C. Craighead, Jr. is one of America’s most distinguished field biologists and has studied the plants/animals of the greater Yellowstone area for more than forty five years.  He […]