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Don’t Neglect Fall Landscaping Chores

A Wyoming fall is spectacular! The intense heat is gone. Warm, dry days are followed by cool nights. And the rich autumn colors are a delight. But there is still much to do …

Fall Cleanup

Fall is already here this year and with it brings the ever daunting task of cleaning out the yard.  Flowers and plants are starting to dwindle with the cold temps, colorful leaves are falling off of the trees, shrubs need trimmed, and plants need to be cut back.  Below are a few ideas of how […]

Basic Bear Safety

Hiking in the fall is one of our most favorite pastimes here at TLC.  The colors are changing in the mountains; the air is slowly getting colder, and ski season is right around the corner meaning its time to get back in shape.  Hiking in the fall brings an increase in bear sightings and an […]

It’s Time for Bulb Flowers

Bulb flowers can be an extremely fun addition to any garden.  Even though your hard work won’t show up till spring, bulb flowers are a great investment that gives years of color to your landscape.  Tulips, daffodils, and Lilies are some of my most favorite flowers to see begin blooming in the spring.  Both beginning […]

Winterizing Your Landscape

Winter is one of our favorite seasons here at TLC.  We live in the best place in North America for winter sports and all of our employees cannot wait for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to open to start getting some turns in.  Winter is making its way right around the corner and there are a […]

It’s That Time of the Year Again, Irrigation Blowout Season!!

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year here in Jackson Hole and in the Greater Yellowstone area.  The mountainside bursts with magnificent colors of orange, yellow, and red as the tree’s leaves begin to change.  The mornings and nights begin to become a little colder, the sun rises a little later and […]

Benefits of Fall Planting

Proper tree and shrub planting is one of the most important aspects to overall health if not the most important.  The majority of people assume that with end of summer comes the end of planting, but that is just not the case.  Trees and shrubs that are planted in the fall are more prepared for […]

Wildlife Fencing

Tired of watching moose and elk wipe out your trees and shrubs?  We all enjoy watching these majestic creatures wandering around our homes but they seem to have quite the appetite for the most beautiful trees and shrubs.  Most of us have had our landscape trees munched on or toppled by the four legged residents […]

Fall Clean-Up

by J. Thomas Gebauer, ASLA Ahhhh, It’s that time of the year. The leaves are starting to change color, the air is starting to cool off at night., wildflowers in the alpine meadows, the animals are out and about, elk bugling, and not mention the fishing is getting really good! We could go on and on […]

Fall Tree Care

by J. Thomas Gebauer, ASLA Fall can be the most dramatic and beautiful time of the year for our trees and shrubs. The aspens (Populus tremuloides) are turning golden yellow, the serviceberries (Amelanchier alnifolia) are glowing orange, the maples (Acer glabrum) are turning scarlet red. Many shrubs and trees are fruiting and turning ripe for the picking. In […]

Proper Pruning Timing for Trees and Shrubs in Jackson, Wyoming

We made a list of the top 20 tree and shrub species we find growing in our clients landscapes and created a list of the best time of the year to prune in Jackson, Wyoming.