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It’s Spring Pruning Time in Jackson Hole

Knowing when to prune is just as important as knowing how…

Five Curb Appeal Do’s and Don’ts

You’d never go on a first date without brushing your teeth and hair, and making yourself presentable. Likewise, you should never place your home on the market without …

Spring Cleanup Tips

This winter season in Jackson Hole has been significantly shorter than years past due to lack of snowfall and cold temps in the valley.  For the winter sports enthusiasts in the area it is hard to swallow but with warmer temps brings more options for outdoor recreation and with it summer fun.  Spring has begun […]

TCD Cost Share Program Explained

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein Teton County is one of the most beautiful places in the country to live.  Residents and visitors alike gaze into the vast beauty that this area holds in all seasons throughout the year.  Most people who live here recognize the responsibility […]

Benefits of Aeration

A beautiful green lawn is an amazing part of every landscape but requires a lot of work in order to achieve the dream.  Still trying to make your lawn as green and full as it should be?  Are you watering, fertilizing, and seeding your lawn and it still will not grow as desired?  Part of […]


What is Xeriscaping? Xeriscaping is the process of creating a landscape or garden that is designed to use the least amount of water possible.  This landscaping method is on the forefront of environmentally sustainable landscape design.  It is a great landscaping option that can help reduce the amount of water wasted, aid in energy conservation […]

Living Roofs- Grow Your Own Roof

The beautiful rests on the foundations of the necessary. -Ralph Waldo Emerson  A Growing Trend To some, growing plants on our rooftops is a new concept. To others, living roofs are a common, even essential, practice that have been utilized the world-over for centuries. A living roof, also known as a green roof, is a roof of […]

Tips for Filling Your Large Ceramic Pots

By Joanna P., Certified Master Gardener It’s getting to be that time of year again – time to get out the flower pots and fill them with beautiful annual flowers. Yay!  Many of our TLC gardening clients have lovely ceramic pots that add a wonderful aesthetic to their landscapes.  Here are some helpful tips when preparing […]

Don’t Forget It’s Irrigation Start-up Time!

Here are the four steps to starting up your irrigation system after the winter.

TLC Spring Clean-up Special

Spring Clean-up Special In spite of all the snow, Spring is just around the corner. In fact, March 20th was the first day of Spring. It is time to think about getting outside and cleaning up our landscapes and gardens. In celebration of the beginning of Spring we are offering you the choice of the […]