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Healthy Lawn Care in Extreme Heat

It’s already been a long, dry and hot summer. Can your lawn handle it? The professionals have loads of lawn care tips and tricks that …

How Wildfire Helps the Environment

Natural disasters are a constant in our country and being prepared is one of the best defenses we have. Wildfires are one of nature’s most destructive and terrifying forces that we deal with living in Wyoming.

Drought-Resistant Perennials

Wyoming’s weather and climate create a rough environment for certain types of flowers to thrive. Plants and flowers need to be …

The Importance of Noxious Weed Control

Noxious weed control is something that can easily be overlooked or deemed as unimportant. Believe it or not, noxious weeds pose a great threat to …

Turf Options: Seed vs. Sod

During the landscape design process, one of the more important decisions is whether to use seed or sod …

The Importance of Defensible Space

Wildfires are a natural part of mother nature’s cleaning, but how do you prepare …

Get to Know Your Noxious Weed Technician

Jesse Morgan is in charge of the noxious weed division at …

Dealing With Dog Spots

Keeping your lawn green all summer long involves a lot of time and hard work.  Watering your lawn, fertilizing, and aerating are all part of the maintenance involved with keeping your grass that perfect green color day in and day out.  One common lawn problem some of us have to deal with comes from man’s […]

Seasonally Adjusting Irrigation Clocks Saves Water

Seasonal adjusting your Irrigation clock can save water and energy. In return it will save you money and help you do your part to sustain a greener environment.

Proper Pruning Timing for Trees and Shrubs in Jackson, Wyoming

We made a list of the top 20 tree and shrub species we find growing in our clients landscapes and created a list of the best time of the year to prune in Jackson, Wyoming.

Simple Pond Maintenance Tips

Here are some simple things a home owner can do to keep your pond crystal clear. As far as treating aquatic weeds such as algae and common unwanted milfoils you should leave that up the certified experts. These aquatic environments are very sensitive and need a tremendous amount of TLC, monitoring and treatment.

How to Have a Greener Lawn

It’s that time of the year. Barbeques and games. Certified Arborist Bryan English brings you a few tips and tricks to having and maintaining a greener lawn.