Epcot 2018 Flower & Garden Festival Is All Abloom

If you’ve been thinking about checking out this year’s Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, there’s still time. Fabulous and unusual gardens will remain on display through May 28 at the 2018 festival at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

This year marks the festival’s 25th anniversary! Here are just a few of the wonderful things in store:

Bonzais and Butterflies

See the most amazing miniature trees and cultivate an appreciation for the ancient art form of Bonsai. Located in the Japan Pavilion.

Experience several species of butterflies up close and personal at the Future World butterfly habitat. This exhibit is a captivating way to connect kids to nature as they explore the flurry of flutter.

You can also discover some of the ancient healing properties of plants at the Health and Healing Garden. Or take your kids to the Nature Works Everywhere exhibit, where they can learn how to create gardens that help their schoolyards filter water, provide wildlife habitats and improve the soil.

Let’s Eat!

Belly up to the Outdoor Kitchen booths, where small plates and sample-size drinks of farm-to-table foods are served. Offerings include Beijing-style candied strawberries at the Lotus House (China Pavilion), seared scallops at the Canadian Pavilion, strawberry tiramisu at the Italian Pavilion’s Primavera House, and “frushi” (a fruit version of sushi) at the Japan Pavilion.


Not to mention the Pepper Fire Garden (home to the world’s hottest peppers), the Prehistoric Garden (where you can spot examples of plants that existed when dinosaurs roamed) and the Shakespeare Garden (in the United Kingdom Pavilion, of course).

Topiaries Galore!

No discussion of Epcot gardens would be complete without mentioning the topiaries. This year’s festival features more than 100 dazzling one-of-a-kind sculptures — all based on Disney motifs, naturally.

Epcot’s expert team of horticulturists work year-round to create incredible life-sized replicas of beloved Disney characters.


You’ll see the classics, such as Mickey, Snow White and Bambi. Along with newer characters from Toy Story, The Lion King and Frozen. And everything in between.

In other words, if Disney made a movie about it, there’s a topiary for it at the Epcot festival. Stick around for nightfall and see how these creations take on a whole new life when the gardens are illuminated at night.

It’s Educational, Too

Informational sessions at the Festival Center will plant the seeds of your own gardening ideas. Highlights include:

    • ♣  Heritage of Disney’s Horticulture Exhibit – Learn how horticulture has played a key role in creating Walt Disney’s vision.
    • ♣  Greenhouse Stage – Local gardening experts and Disney cast members share their gardening tips and secrets.
    • ♣  Garden Theatre – See the “making” of the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.
    • ♣  Tips at the Spotlight Stage – Soak up planting pointers from the experts at University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.
    • ♣  Conversations at the Festival Stage – Catch lively discussions on a variety of horticulture topics.

The 2018 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is included with regular Disney World park admission.


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