Spruce Beetle Affecting More Trees Than Pine Beetle in Colorado

Engelmann-Spruce-1000-px-608x1000Feeling up to date on your pine beetle knowledge? Get ready to learn about a new killer, the spruce beetle.  The Aspen Business Journal recently published an article that featured many experts in their field discussing the new findings that for the first time spruce beetle kills are greater than pine beetle kills. Experts noticed that longer seasons are allowing the beetle to have two life-cycles per season where historically only one occurred. Warmer temperatures are also allowing the beetle to affect trees at higher elevations.

From the article: “Regardless of what is causing the high-elevation tree mortality, Duda said there is really only one way for the state forest service to move forward on the problem: with improved stewardship and forest management.
“We aren’t experts in climate change,” Duda said. “But whether the climate is stable or changing we do believe that active forest management can create more resiliencies in our forests.”
Love spruces? Get ready to watch them die.

Love spruces? Get ready to watch them die.

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