5 New Year’s Resolutions for Gardeners

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Include Landscaping in Your 2020 Resolutions

As you consider your New Year’s resolutions for 2020, don’t forget about your landscaping! We’ve compiled a handful of gardening resolutions to help you hit the ground running.

1. Choose Natural Alternatives

Resolve this year to use more organic compost and adopt integrated pest management (IPM) strategies. Instead of depending on synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides, try adding nutrient-dense compost to existing soil and choose natural pest-control methods. 

By choosing homemade remedies or earth-friendly products, you’ll be protecting beneficial insects and other creatures, our waterways, and our planet. For instance, did you know that crushed egg shells not only provide necessary minerals to flowering plants, they also deter deer? Or how about introducing lady bugs or praying mantises to control aphids?

2. Welcome Pollinators

This year resolve to make your garden or landscape more pollinator friendly. Attract butterflies, birds, bees and other beneficial insects by creating a varied ecosystem. Use a wide variety of plants that bloom from early spring into late fall. And be sure to feed their young by including larval host plants, such as milkweed, in your landscape.

The adult pollinators will do the hard work of making your garden less susceptible to disease, drought and destructive pests.

Get Started with Those Resolutions Now

If you need help getting started, check out the free, downloadable guidebook, Promoting Pollinators on Your Place: A Wyoming Guide.

Prepared by the University of Wyoming Extension, this guide is chock-full of everything you ever wanted to know about Wyoming pollinators and how to make your landscape more pollinator-friendly.


3. Grow Something from a Seed

Germinating a plant from a tiny seed is one of the world’s wonders. So this year, resolve to experience that magic first-hand.

Besides being intensely rewarding in its own right, this resolution provides a natural segue to your “eat better” and “spend more time with family” resolutions, as well. If you grow your carrots and lettuce from seed, you’re sure to eat better. And growing from seed is a great family project that kids love.

Check out “10 Easy Steps to Sowing Seeds.”

4. Embrace Sustainability

Climate change has all of us thinking about ways we can use our gardens and landscapes to help the planet. If you’re designing a new landscape or upgrading a mature one with new hardscape, consider sustainability.

For instance, install permeable surfaces for your stepping stones or patio,  capture rainwater, or plant a wildflower meadow. Resolve to be more water conscious by installing a smart irrigation controller or a xeriscape rain garden, growing native plants, or  choosing an alternative to a traditional lawn.

5. Pay It Forward: Become a Volunteer Gardener

Volunteers are the driving force behind many of the gardens that beautify our public areas. Make a resolution this year to volunteer at a public garden, such the Teton Botanical Garden or the Jackson Hole Community Garden.

Other public areas, such as museums and cemeteries, also rely on volunteers to assist them with gardening chores. If you’ve got a wild streak in you, check out the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance.


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