TLC Jackson Hole Landscaping Services

Animal Protection

Wildlife Friendly

In beautiful Jackson Hole, nature’s wildlife loves to roam onto our landscapes.

Too often, the trees and shrubs that we spend so much time nurturing fall to the dinner tables of elk, moose, deer, and ground squirrels.

We can make your home or business “wildlife friendly” while preserving the beauty nature has gifted to us. TLC can protect your plants through netting, exclosure systems and other “wildlife friendly” practices – allowing us to share the planet.

Learning to live with nature may be one of the greatest challenges we face. We strive to protect nature while trying to attract nature in beneficial ways. Our landscapes strive to serve both.

Protecting our Native WildlifeThere are several great books about Wildlife Friendly Plants.  Here is one of our favorites Wildlife-Friendly Plants: Make Your Garden A Haven For Beneficial Insects, Amphibians And Birds by Rosemary Creeser  & Steve Wooster. Although, Rosemary Creeser is based in London, this is an excellent primer with plenty of pictures.”