TLC Jackson Hole Landscaping Services


Irrigation is your insurance policy in establishing and maintaining a healthy landscape. In Jackson Hole, our summer months are exceptionally dry. Usually a little more than one inch of rainfalls during June, July, and August.

In July and August, a typical landscape requires three times more moisture than is provided by natural rainfall.

Irrigation in Jackson Hole WYWe install irrigation systems that precisely apply water only where it is needed. We can also install soil moisture sensors and rainfall shut-off devices to ensure irrigation occurs only when it is need.

We can even install an irrigation system you can control with your smart phone! !

Irrigation Start-Up Services

Give TLC a call to start up your irrigation system for the season.  Irrigation start up consists of checking for broken pipes, making sure all zones are working properly, valve box inspection, sprinkler head inspection, and checking for proper water coverage.

Having your irrigation start-up done correctly can ultimately save you water and money throughout the entire season!

Our expert irrigation technicians will make sure that your system is set up to run efficiently all summer long!