TLC Jackson Hole Maintenance Services

Organic and Natural Programs

Our children, our pets, our wildlife all use the landscape in which we live. Providing for a non-toxic, natural landscape is a goal we strive to achieve. TLC has a specially designed program that removes toxics from the landscape, and makes the landscape an organic and healthy environment in which to “roll around”!

It All Starts with the Soil

An organic landscape, or a chemical-free landscape, starts with the soil. The soil is the foundation of your landscape’s life. We start with a soil test. The use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides may have depleted your soil of the natural biological organisms, which help to create an environment rich in plant nutrients.

Natural & Organic

There are more micro organisms than in one tablespoon of soil than people living on our planet. An initial soil test tells us how we need to start in rebuilding a naturally occurring soil. Additionally, a soil test tells us about the texture, organic matter content, and nutrient holding capacity of your soil. ‘Texture’ in soil science is a technical term telling us how much sand, silt, and clay is in your soil. Knowing this information allows us to create a custom designed nutrient program that is optimized for your soil.

After developing the soil remediation program for your landscape. We can implement a native plant species program, thus creating diversity in your landscape. Finally, we implement a Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) that does not involve the use of pesticides.

Our four-point program consists of:

1. Organic Landscape Practices
2. Soil Remediation
3. Native Plant Species or Species Diversification
4. Non-chemical Pest Control Methodology

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