Bar B Bar Ranch – Habitat Enhancement and Landscape Renovation

600 acres of Habitat Enhancement and Landscape Renovation

Bar B Bar Ranch, in Jackson, Wyoming is one of them most beautiful ranch developments in the West. The ten ranch sites have sweeping views of the Tetons. The vicinity to the Snake River and location in the Jackson Hole area make this one of the most beautiful developments in the area.  The Bar B Bar Ranch developers were the Reynolds Corporation, which also developed the Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia.

Services includes:

Habitat Enhancement
Landscape Renovation
Landscape Construction

TLC provided arboriculture, habitat enhancement, landscape renovation, and landscape construction services for this 600 acre property in Jackson, Wyoming.  The property is largely comprised of cottonwood stands that are interspersed with spring creeks and wetlands.  TLC worked with the Jackson Hole Land Trust, the Nature Conservancy, and the developers to enhance the habitat of portions of the Ranch while focusing on the land’s aesthetic values.  TLC restored cottonwood stands as well as planted additional cottonwood in key locations around the Ranch, and opened up mountain vistas.

The Results

Here are a few photos of the results.


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