Outdoor Patio, Fire Circle, Dining Area within Wilson, WY Garden

Summers in Wilson, WY and the other areas of Jackson Hole are spent outdoors.  Whether hiking in the national parks, rafting down the rivers, or enjoying the outdoor spaces around our houses, we want to enjoy the moment to the fullest.  Designing and installing outdoor spaces that are usable to the homeowner and that seemlessly blend the home with the spaces surrounding the home let the homeowners enjoy our magical summers.

At this residence in Wilson, the homeowner requested for TLC to design a patio and garden scene that incorporated a dining area for a eight to ten person table, a stone fire pit to surround with adirondack chairs, the installation of perennial gardens and boulders, as well as large spruce plantings to increase the privacy of the home.

TLC worked with the homeowner to select a chocolate colored patio stone that we placed into a sand set patio.  The patio was surrounded with metal edging to define the area between garden/sod and stone.  The selection of perennials included the use of shade friendly hostas, lupine, and grasses as well as the use of sun loving flowers such as delphinium and daisy.  We incorporated aspen trees and boulders into the garden.



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