The Shoshone Residence

Collaboration, Attention to Detail and Flawless Execution

Project: Shoshone Residence
Location: Wilson, Wyoming
Completion Date: 2014

Architect: Carney Logan Burke Architects, Jackson, Wyoming
General Contractor: Dembergh Construction, Wilson, Wyoming
Landscape Architect: Hershberger Design, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Landscape Contractor: The Tree and Landscape Company, Jackson, Wyoming

Contemporary and Natural

The client wanted a contemporary design that integrated natural wood and stone elements that took advantage of Wyoming’s natural beauty. The design team at Carney Logan Burke Architects worked closely with the client to create a 4,500 square foot mountain home in an expansive native meadow.


Working with the renowned architecture firm of Carney Logan Burke and the landscape planning and design team at Hershberger Design set the stage for creating a world-class residential property. It was up to the construction team at Dembergh Construction and The Tree and Landscape Company to turn the design into reality.

The best work comes from a collaborative effort with experts and specialists in each of their respective fields. Add an extreme level of attention to details and the results are amazing.

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