Taking Care of Indoor Plants in the Winter

Indoor Plants Thrive in Winter with a Little TLC

Taking care of indoor plants is a labor of love. During winter, a few special touches can really make your plants thrive all year long, but it’s also the time of year that is easiest to kill a houseplant.

Plants can be as expressive as paintings, appealing as antiques, and will help breath life into every room in your house. Take some advice from the gardening experts at the Tree and Landscape Company and watch your houseplants thrive like never before!


Light can be a problem for any houseplant no matter what the season. During the winter, light levels close to windows drop by around 50%! Try cleaning your windows on both sides to allow maximum light inside. You can also try dusting and lightly washing your plants in order for them to make full use of light. Lastly, add artificial light around 4-12 inches away from indoor plants for the most effective results.


Houseplants typically want forty to fifty percent humidity in order to survive. Indoor humidity levels during the winter are significantly lower than that coming in at around five to ten percent. In fact, with the heat on, indoor air can be as dry as the desert. Increasing the humidity inside for your plants is easier than you think. Using a humidifier is one option but my favorite is to mist the plants with room temperature water. Another great technique is to place indoor plants on a pebble lined tray filled with water right below the pebbles. As the water evaporates, it raises humidity.



Typically houseplants use significantly less water during the winter season. Make sure to water plants thoroughly while also reducing the watering frequency. Watering during this time of year is tricky because it is extremely important to avoid over watering (the cause of most houseplant casualties). Some easy ways to tell if your indoor plants need water are; lift the pot (soil is lighter when dry), poke your fingers into soil up to two inches deep and if dry, water!  Be sure to test the soil twice a week to ensure your houseplants are receiving the moisture they need.

Benefits of Houseplants

Helping you breathe easier – plants can help increase oxygen in your home due to photosynthesis

Releasing water into your home – plants release roughly 95 percent of the water they absorb

Removing toxins from the air – plants remove up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds every 24 hours

Improving health – studies show that adding plants to hospital rooms speeds recovery rates of surgical patients

Sharpening focus – studies also show that students demonstrate 70% greater attentiveness when taught in rooms with plants

Contact the Tree and Landscape Company for all of your gardening needs. Our master gardeners are ready to make your home and garden shine! We can help with all aspects of gardening including but not limited to: flower bed maintenance, garden design/consulting, and flower installation. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!!

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