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Gardener-in-Chief: U.S. Presidents and the White House Gardens

Which U.S. presidents were the most avid gardeners?

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Gardeners

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As you consider your New Year’s resolutions for 2020, don’t forget about …

Five Curb Appeal Do’s and Don’ts

You’d never go on a first date without brushing your teeth and hair, and making yourself presentable. Likewise, you should never place your home on the market without …

Are You Stumped?

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Tree stumps have posed a problem for American homeowners since the early pioneer days.
Back then …

2019 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Is Here!

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Surround yourself with gorgeous gardens, unique exhibits and living sculptures of beloved Disney characters. Where?

7 Spectacular Flower & Garden Shows in 2019

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There’s nothing quite like a flower show to get your creative ideas blooming. We’ve gathered a bouquet of the some of the best …

Use Texture to Increase Landscape’s Visual Appeal

Color may be the most popular element in landscape design, but don’t underestimate …

Color Theory 101: Flowers and Foliage


Color is a strong design element, attracting attention and guiding the human eye. When it comes to landscaping, colors can even …

Five More of the World’s Most Beautiful Historic Gardens

Let’s look at five more of the most beautiful gardens on the planet that have …

Five of the World’s Most Beautiful Historic Gardens

Creating a beautiful and inviting garden is a timeless pursuit. Civilizations from around the world have been crafting …

Tired of Mowing? Consider Ground Cover!

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional lawn, why not consider replacing some or all of your high-maintenance turf with a walkable carpet of ground cover?

The Call of the Wildflower

Who of us at one time or another has not envisioned transforming our chemical- and mower-dependent lawn into a carefree wildflower meadow? The fantasies can be hard to resist …

Back to the Stone Age: Rock Gardening Basics

If the idea of “rock gardening” conjures an image of a bleak, desolate spot with no living thing in sight, then think again. Modern rock gardens are places of …

Protecting Your Landscape from Wyoming Winter

A Wyoming winter is both beautiful and brutal — for both people and plants. But you can take some steps to ensure …

Common Landscaping Myths

Everyone has heard a few myths about how to take care of their landscape. Where some of these myths are true, some are not. Here is a short list of some common landscape myths that we have taken the time to debunk for you. Myth #1 Cover Newly Pruned Areas with a Sealant Newly pruned […]