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Five Common Landscaping Mistakes

Landscaping is easy, right? Just pop by your local garden store, select some attractive plants, grab a couple bags of mulch and a few tools, and …

Twelve Christmas Tree Traditions from Around the World

People around the world love their Christmas trees, and they display that love in various ways…

Are You Stumped?

Creative Commons Image, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Tree stumps have posed a problem for American homeowners since the early pioneer days.
Back then …

Planting Trees for the Environment

Trees provide us with beauty and shade. They’re naturally relaxing to be around and increase …

Making the Most Out of Fall Colors

Fall is an enchanting time in the Jackson Hole area.  Many of the tourists have gone home but the activities that brought them here are still in full swing.  Hiking, wildlife viewing, rafting, and other main activities are at their best due to lack of participants.  All seasons in Jackson provide irresistible pleasures but fall […]

The Value of Your Landscape

Increasing your homes value can be as easy as looking outside. After all the interior work has been completed, the last step to really bump up your property value is by beautifying the exterior of your home. Even though it does not seem like it should be so, landscaping can increase your property value on […]

Cutting Your Own Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are one of our favorite aspects of the holiday season.  The smell it brings into your home, spending quality family time decorating and simply just sitting back to enjoy how beautiful your tree looks are all some of our favorite holiday memories.  My favorite part of the entire Christmas tree process by far […]

Anti Desiccants and Your Trees

Prevent Winter Damage Don’t wait until it is too late – your trees and shrubs need protection. Winter is harsh. Even the during the mildest winter your trees and shrubs can be devastated. The cold winds, extreme temperatures, heavy snow and weather affect your trees more than you would think.  It is extremely important to […]