TLC Jackson Hole Tree Care Services

Tree and Shrub Moving

There is so much more to planting a tree than digging a hole and placing the tree or shrub into it – ask an expert. At TLC, we are college trained and certified by International Society of Arboriculture. Knowing when and how to move a tree or shrub is a science as well as an art.

Tree Moving Project in Jackson WY1. Did you know planting a tree too deep or too high can lead to its death?
2. Did you know the best time to transplant is when the plant is dormant in either the early spring or fall when it has no leaves on the tree or for conifers prior to letting out new growth from its buds?
3. Did you know the number one cause of tree or shrub mortality is improper watering?

In many instances, it may take three years or more before a transplanted tree or shrub will show signs of improper transplanting techniques. And at three years after transplanting it is too late to recover the dying tree or shrub.

Tree RemovalWe have invested in the knowledge and the equipment to assure success in moving your tree or shrub. We have specialized equipment – tree spades, that dig a larger root ball than conventional ball and burlap techniques. We can even transplant trees in the summer when most others can not.

Give us a call. After years of training we know how and when to move your tree or shrub.

The TLC arborists can move your trees and shrubs to their new location. We have tree spades that can handle even the big trees.

Tree Spade