Planting Bulb Flowers


Fall is a great time for planting trees, shrubs but also bulb flowers.  The temperature and climate of fall is perfect for planting bulb flowers.  Nature gives us a perfect idea of when to plant these types of flowers and it is right after the first couple time’s frost shows on the ground.  This timeframe allows for the flowers to develop deep roots before the deep of winter sets in.  Bulbs planted in the fall will burst into color and flower at the beginning of spring into beautiful flowers letting the world know that spring has arrived.  Make sure to plan early this year so that you can enter spring with a burst of color in your landscape.


Planting bulb flowers is not as overwhelming as it might sound and is a perfect task for the beginning gardener all the way up to the master gardener.  One of the most important aspects of planting bulb flowers is timing.  The planting needs to occur in the fall when it starts to get colder, but before the ground has frozen.  This week in Teton valley is a perfect example of the temperature and climate required to plant bulb flowers.  Large bulbs need to be planted about 8 inches deep and small bulbs need to be planted about 5 inches deep.  Make sure to plant the bulbs with the pointy end up, and you should be good to go!

Examples of Spring Flowering Bulb Flowers

daffodil.jpg 2










Placement and Tips

Bulbs can be planted nearly anywhere in your landscape but will succeed better if you follow a few simple rules.  Make sure to not plant them in areas of main drainage of your landscape.  For example, the bottom of a hill would not be the best spot for bulbs to be planted.  We also advise gardeners to plant bulbs generously in case some to do develop.  Plant bulbs randomly to give a beautiful and natural appearance to your landscape.  We recommend using a slow release fertilizer in the fall and in early spring to give the flowers a little extra nutrition as well as a little mulch to help retain moisture.

Make sure to give the master gardeners at the Tree and Landscape Company a call this fall.  Our trained gardeners can come and plant all the bulb flowers you need to make sure your landscape is in full bloom come early spring.

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